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Immigration Law:
    Published regulations while working for the Immigration Service.

  • Revocation of Citizenship (1996) with Guidance Memorandum
  • Regulation on the Disability Exception from the English and/or Civics Requirements for persons applying for Naturalization-published regulation with implementing memorandum and training materials (1997)
  • Regulation for the July 4th Citizenship Ceremonies (1997).
  • National Presidential Proclamation for Citizenship Day-September 17, 1998.
  • Initial Regulatory Notice on the Adoption of Siblings (2000).

    While with the US Catholic Conference prepared with others comments to the Immigration Act of 1990 law and regulations (1990-1992)

    Prepared published materials for two national immigration law seminars in 1990 and 1992 as part of the US Catholic Conference's National Migration and Refugee Seminar

    With Education Testing Service prepared English/Civics Test for Immigration Service

Children's Citizenship:
    Intercountry Adoption from the Government's Perspective-Presentation to the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys on Intercountry Adoption-2000

    The Immigration Implications when an Intercountry Adoption Disrupts (AAAA-2003)

    Manual for the Immigration Service's First Seminar on Intercountry Adoption

    Home Study Issues-Reprinted with Permission LBBC
    "Adoption: Challenges and Solutions After Breast Cancer."
    By Ann Hosage Moss

    Practice and Procedure in the 21st Century, Golda Zimmerman, Esquire, Editor-in-Chief, New York State Bar, 2004 (Legal Reviewer)

    Manual for Adoption Attorneys Mid-Year Conference on Intercountry Adoption-(Co-Chair on Immigration Law Issues) October 2007

    Development and wrote the EEOC's Decision from the Bench Program and Manual for the Administrative Judges

    Published the Annual Report on Complaints Processing and EEOC's Report on Contracting Out

    Pay Equity for Coaches (initial issuance-co-author) Women's Sports Foundation

    Pay Equity for Coaches (comments on EEOC regulation) National Women's Coaches Association

    Prepared Training Manuals and Materials for EEOC Administrative Judges

Disability Issues—especially for those suffering from RARE Diseases:
    Returning to the Work Place after Serious Illness